How to accept that you are a lesbian

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anime-2Do you feel trapped in your own feelings? If your attraction to persons of the same sex is strong and you cannot accept the fact that you feel that way towards them, do some emotional exercise.

There are six basic universal emotions that you can try on. These basic emotions are joy, anger, disgust, fear, sadness and surprise. For example, a lesbian who cannot accept what she feels toward a friend or a lesbian who doesn’t know how to express her feelings towards a person of the same sex may want to exercise the above emotions.

A friend confided her story that she was head over heals towards her childhood friend. There were many sleepless nights just thinking about her and numerous phone calls just to hear her voice. It was a secret feeling that surprised her. She felt sad about it, was disgusted about her feelings for fear of being dumped and ridiculed. In the end, realizing that she cannot afford to loose a friend, she works toward acceptance which, in the end, brings her joy. Accepting herself for who she is and that there are things in life that she cannot have  made her more joyful and happy. As a result, she felt she has accomplished something big for herself.

So, how do you accept that you are a lesbian?

A lesbian relationship is usually frowned upon but there are lesbian relationships that have gained acceptance in society.

Acceptance is the key. A lesbian who accepts who she is have accepted the things she cannot change. The above story is a clear example of how you can play your own emotion if you want to go against your feelings towards persons of the same sex.

  • Be aware that you are lesbian
  • Keep in mind that you didn’t choose to be a lesbian
  • Know that you are not alone
  • Trust in yourself
  • Know your limitations
  • Excel in everything you are capable of doing.

It is normal to have some feeling towards persons of the same sex, but it will only do you harm than good if you let it be especially when you feel sad, disgusted, angry and fear just thinking about it. Counter your feelings early on with some emotional exercises and do it not only for yourself but also for your friend.

The benefits of exercising your emotions enhances individual’s well being and let you build a strong friendship in the end.

Be willing to accept who you are and where you belong.

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