Lesbians handle relationships better than straights

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lying-downProblems are part of our daily lives. But on a different perspective, who are better handlers of relationships? Are they the same-sex couples or the straight couples?

Same-sex couples are better relationship handlers

A study made by the Gottman Institute of Seattle showed that same-sex couples have some better coping mechanisms compared to heterosexual couples. “Straight couples may have a lot to learn from gay and lesbian relationships,” Dr. John Gottman says.

Lesbians share more openly

Women are better communicators. Lesbians, as women, share or express their feelings and emotions more openly with their partners. When it comes to conflicts or disagreements,  lesbian couples are more likely to use affection and humor and they are more likely to remain positive when disagreement arises in a relationship. Lesbians have a more positive approach when dealing with relationship problems than straights do.

Power-Sharing versus Power-over Dynamics

The study also discovered that lesbian couples put more emphasis on power-sharing rather than power-over dynamics. Another study conducted by the University of California at Berkley also found out that lesbian couple display less belligerence, domination and fear with each other compared to straight couples.

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