Do lesbians have the right to love a woman?

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sitting-animeLesbians feelings are unique. Unique in the sense that a lesbian’s feeling is towards a person of the same sex.

A lesbian’s love

When a lesbian loves a woman, she can go beyond borders. If left unchecked however a lesbian’s feeling can be destructive. It can sometimes cause health issues or problems. Problems arise when the feeling she wants shared with another woman fails. When love strikes, lesbians normally work what’s best for their women without minding their own. Oftentimes, lesbians who pass this route end up being destroyed from within. While lesbians are aware of this possible scenario, feelings in itself are uncontrollable. It is the lesbians heart dictating and, as human beings, their feelings are entitled to some  degree of respect.

Be that as it may, lesbians are, in the eyes of some people, abnormal and do not have the right to love women. Some would argue that women are only for men and men for women.

When can a lesbian’s love be right?

To love and be loved is right and it is right when the love is shared by two loving souls.  In the case of lesbians, perhaps the love can be right when there is a mutual understanding between two women to love each other or when two women feel the same way towards each other. Or perhaps a lesbian love can never be right.

When can a lesbian’s love be wrong

There is nothing wrong to love and be loved. However, when it destroys the bond that ties a family together then a lesbian love can be wrong. For example, a lesbian falls in love with a married woman or a married woman, who later in her life discovers she is gay, falls in love with a lesbian. Is it wrong? While the love being shared can be right, to be romantically linked with a married woman can be wrong.  A love shared between a lesbian and a married woman is, in the eyes of people, wrong.

But — only lesbians know and understand how complicated it is to be a lesbian in love.

To be understood as it is to understand

Most people dislike lesbians. It is true in places where members of the community are too conservative. Perhaps people need to understand that being a lesbian is not of their own volition. It is not a choice but it is something ingrained in their being. While others are influenced by the environment they are in, most if not all, are created the way they are. Genetics? Perhaps.

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