What to do when you lost your one true love

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A question from one of our avid followers:

I met a beautiful lesbian girl about a year ago. There was not anything that I would not do for her or give her. I had always treated her like a queen. We began going out to lunch and sometimes dinner and, on some occasions, she would visit me at my home. The last time we were together she said that she would like to perform domamatrix on me and I agreed! It was the most wonderful eleven hours of passionate love making that I had ever experienced in my life! She kept telling me how much she loved me and how many ways that she loved me, and I believed her. I was already in love with her, now I am hopelessly, head over heels in love with her! I even hope to marry her one day if she would have me but she seems to hate me for not stopping her from making love to me. I have not heard from her in over a month and I have called her a dozen times. I’m afraid that I have lost the only woman that I have ever truly loved. My heart is broken and I feel so lost without her in my life. I would do almost anything to have her back. I had told her that I would commit to only her prior to our love making. I had also been without sex almost five years before her and I had gotten together.

Do you have any advice for me?


Move on with your life. It is hard to love one sided. It is even harder when you are the only one who is making all the moves. Love has to be between two souls sharing life together as one. If she has not communicated with you in over a month after calling her a dozen times then something is wrong with the relationship. Perhaps there is no relationship at all. How do you know she is your one true love? Maybe she was just curious about you or maybe she just want to satisfy her craving of you. In short, maybe it was just pure lust when she spent time with you. Experimenting? Possible! It is very common knowledge that beautiful words will come out from the mouth of a person if that person wants something from you. Believe it or not….it is so true.

A person who truly loves someone will do anything to make her happy. You did that for her because you love her. But, did she showed love in return? You can tell if she loves you if she did something for you besides making love. If all she does, is make love and nothing else, then it is a different story.

It seems like she didn’t care for you at all. A person who cares will make an effort to communicate with you even when she’s very busy. A month of absence with no word at all creates a sign that she is not interested in you. In other words, she is not serious in your relationship. Unless something bad happens to her, she should have at least communicated with you if she loves you and care about you. An email or even a short text message can change all that. Being quite for such a long time is something that you should take into consideration. Stop before it hurts you more. There are many out there who are looking for someone like you.¬† Remember, the world is huge.

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