Lesbian relationship with a gay woman vs. a straight woman

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Can you spot the difference?

Unless you have experienced a lesbian relationship with these two types of women, you can never tell if loving one can be better off than the other.

Lesbian Relationship With a Gay Woman

Entering into a lesbian relationship with a woman who is known to be gay can give you a peace of mind. Why? Consider the following points:

  • She is gay. Once gay will always be gay. In other words, there is an assurance that she will not be into guys. And if this is something that worries you a lot then you are pretty safe.
  • She is more focused on the relationship. Gay women are known to be more focused on building a good lesbian relationship rather than wait and stick around for a while.
  • She knows where you are coming from. A gay woman can relate to your feelings. She can easily understand you from within. Isn’t it not that you both feel the same in the first place?

Lesbian Relationship with a Straight Woman

If you experienced having a relationship with a straight woman chances are you have gone through some frustrations and discouraging moments in your lesbian life. And the reason is plain and simple:

  • She is straight. As such, there will come a point in her life that she will crave the presence of a guy. You are lucky if that doesn’t play out in her mind. Can you make her feel guilty?
  • She may want to have kids of her own. You are very lucky if she has already kids of her own, but chances are if she has none she will definitely want one. The absence of kids sometimes creates a void in a lesbian relationship.

Lesbian Attraction

While it is more advantageous to be with a gay woman rather than with a straight woman, majority of lesbians prefer to have a straight woman in their lives. The reason behind can be gleaned from the fact that:

  • You can easily hide a lesbian relationship if you are still not out of the closet.
  • Having a relationship with a straight woman can boost one’s ego, especially to the butch type of lesbians.
  • Lesbians are more attracted to straight women.

Be that as it may, the success of a relationship, or its failure, is not measured by who you are with or what she is, it is what is in your heart. If you are willing to pour your heart out to the person you care about then all things can be made possible.

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