Would you go for love or money….?

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Do you think money is more important than love?

Everything in modern society is based on money. Being rich allows you to do what you what. Money certainly buys you comfort. With money, we can obtain an advanced education that may aid us in the development of genius and extra ordinary achievements. Money is the means by which we may fulfill our purpose in a larger and better way. Money is important for a successful life. If you are financially strong, every one adores you, respects you and many people want you for a friend. Nice guys with no money will never win in life. The man who has the money makes the rule.

Money is important…you can give your children the best. The best education, the best health care, the best  of everything that money can buy. Without money, life could be very stressful. Financial burden is the number one cause of stress.

Money is vital for survival. Without money, people are deprived of the means to obtain proper nutrition and health care. In some cases where states benefits are inadequate, the inability to pay heating bills can indeed become a matter of life and death.

Some women would even trade their self-esteem for money. And many young girls marry for money than love because they believe that security is more important than happiness. Money certainly buys you comfort and it is a major source of happiness. But money can also bring unhappiness.

What about love?

Love means to cherish, hold dear, and treasure. We do not hurt, harm, or cause pain to those we love rather seek to relieve their suffering. Love is the only thing that can end up conflict. Love ties the people together in a way of helping each other.  Love is not about feeling good, it is about doing good.

Money can’t buy everything…especially love. It can buy all the things you ever wanted, but not real and true love. Money does not buy happiness. You can be the richest person in this world yet still unhappy. Without love your life becomes colorless, boring and empty. Only love has the power that can lead someone into real happiness. If you find someone who loves you for what and who you are, you are going to be blessed with more happiness than money could ever buy. Love feeds our emotional needs. The life goes artificial without love. Love makes life romantic and beautiful.  If you have all the money in this world but without love, your life can have no meaning. Sometimes money can blind you towards the things you already have. True love can also be overpowered by a materialistic mind taking for granted what money can’t buy.

Money is merely a tool to meet the needs of our life but not everything. Money can be both good and evil. Depending on how you view it, money can be the root of an evil deed or it can be the source of good thoughts and ideas. For example, it can be a source of inspiration to do good things like charitable work.

Money can buy you comfort, but not true love. But love alone is not enough. While we can’t live without love, obviously, we cannot survive without money.

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