Things to know when you are torn between two lovers

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anime listening to musicThe song entitled, “Torn Between Two Lovers” is a very popular song that depicts the story of a woman who’s torn between two men. And, the lyrics of the song further goes to say, “Loving both of you is breaking all the rules.” Indeed, loving two persons all at the same time breaks all the rules. But, how can you control ones’ feelings when the heart starts to fall for someone else and thereby failing on the promises of the other, or loving them both at the same time.

In reality, this happens not only on straight relationships but on lesbian relationships as well. As women are becoming more aware that there is more excitement in lesbian relationships, they start to get curious about how it is to be with another woman. Their curiosity sometimes will lead them to unexpectedly fall for someone and then becoming addicted to what they call, “the lesbian love.”

As a lesbian, loving two women all at the same time is more than breaking all the rules. Women, by nature, are very fragile with emotions so delicate that they can easily get hurt. So much so that they will fight for their right as the first woman in a lesbian’s life more than they are in their first man’s life. Indeed, some women would fight more for a lesbian relationship than what they have in a straight relationship for reasons only known to them. What brought these women to fight for their lesbian relationships is all because of the kind of relationship a lesbian relationship brings.

But, what if you, as a lesbian, is into this kind of situation wherein you are torn between two women that you feel are very important part in your life. And, you feel you cannot live with one without the other.

There are things that you should know before moving forward with two instead of maintaining just one lesbian relationship.

1. You are one. No one could ever be with two persons at the same time.
2. As a woman, you should feel for your fellow women.
3. Taking more than one woman in your life is not only a huge investment of time and effort but a huge commitment as well.
4. You will be faced with mind boggling situations when one gets nuts with the less attention she’s getting from you.
5. You will never have peace of mind.
6. You will never have complete happiness with two persons in your life.
7. If you live in a small community, the two women who may be aware that they belong to the same person may end up hurting each other and who could be blamed for that?
8. Having two women all at the same time lowers the value of a person.
9. You may end up losing friends.
10. You have more answering to do at judgment day.

That being said, the ideal thing to do is to stick with one rather than having them both all at the same time. Life would be more simple and you will have peace of mind.

Yes, it can be very flattering and sounds like music to the ears to learn that women are into you but you can never let two people fall for you just because they like you. As the song goes, “It’s breaking all the rules.” The rule is simple, don’t make your life so complicated. Fight the temptation. Your heart may pull you in one direction but remember to stick to a direction you think is the best for you. It’s a multi-million decision you have to make in order to arrange your life for the best.

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