How to maintain a long distance lesbian relationship

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black-hairAre you separated by distance with the woman you truly love? Is the pain of wanting her make you think if you can hold on to it despite the distance? Will you be able to make the lesbian long distance relationship last? Is the distance taking your heart apart? These are very common questions among lesbians who are into this kind of long distance lesbian relationship.

So, can a long distance lesbian relationship last?

Yes and no. It can last if both woman in love are committed to each other and there is a willingness to sacrifice for each other. Without commitment and sacrifice it is doomed to fail.

Surviving a long distance lesbian relationship is no easy task.  To make it really work lies in the hands of two people in love. There is no mountain you cannot cross unless there is a strong determination on both parties to make the lesbian relationship work.

A lesbian truly in love with someone who lives miles and miles away should be committed and be willing to make some sacrifices. Maintaining a long distance lesbian relationship can be daunting. It is expensive —  physically, emotionally and financially. However, if both are committed and are willing to sacrifice for each other, a long distance lesbian relationship will be no long distance relationship at all.

While in a long distance lesbian relationship, one need to consider how to keep the lesbian love alive. Keeping the love alive while living apart from each other is the key in maintaining a healthy long distance lesbian relationship. If the lesbian love is well kept, the long distance lesbian relationship is also well maintained.

You can express your love in different ways like free web chatting, email or free online text messaging. You can even use your voice to send email or text messages. These are free services that can save you tons of money while you keep your lesbian love alive or you can visit each other more often to keep that spark going.

Another way of keeping the love alive is to surprise each other with a vacation getaway. You can both meet each other half way.

Keep that love alive! It’s that simple to maintaining a long distance lesbian relationship.

Are you in a long distance lesbian relationship? Share your experiences here. We would be happy to hear how you maintained yours.

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