How to manage anger in a lesbian relationship

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Is your lesbian relationship perfect? Do you think the lesbian relationship you built with your partner is perfect by your own standard? You can never say it is, unless you are happy with how things are going in your current lesbian relationship.

A Perfect Lesbian Relationship

Isn’t it nice to be in a lesbian relationship where there is always love and romance? Just the thought of it can even make you happy. This is the kind of relationship every lesbian wants. But, what happens when misunderstanding comes in?

Misunderstandings Come In Many Ways

There are many things that can trigger misunderstandings in a lesbian relationship. It can even ignite a heated debate. And, sometimes, it can end up in separation.

Here are a few:

  • Money. The most common issue that could lead to misunderstanding in any kind of relationship is money. Money is indeed the root of all evil. It can spoil a good lesbian relationship that sometimes can even lead to separation. When money is tight and the bills are high, don’t give up on each other. Find ways to build additional income. Isn’t it that for richer or for poorer, love is all that matters?
  • Kids. It is a fact that kids give life and color in any kind of relationship. It makes a house really a home. Without kids, life can be so boring in a couple’s life. There should be a meeting of the minds early on in the relationship as to whether to have kids in the relationship or not. After all, why settle for a lesbian relationship when your goal is to have a dozen kids?
  • Household chores. A house in disarray can trigger a heated argument if household chores are not scheduled accordingly. If both are working, a schedule should be made regarding house cleaning. You can alternate days or weeks depending on your schedules or how often you want your house cleaned.
  • Jealousy. While it feels good when your partner gets jealous of someone, it is something that you should care about when it gets overboard.The conversation should end when there is no reason to get jealous.

With misunderstandings come heartaches. You get hurt as your partner plays dumb in everything you say and do. Then come the exchange of heated and hurting words, a hostile argument and anything that could come in between. Any amount of heartache could bring frustrations, disappointments and even regrets.

So, how do you handle a situation when there is no room to spare.

Keep Your Cool

It may perhaps be hard to calm down when you are so mad and angry at the person you love and care about. Just thinking about cooling down your head is even hard enough.

Here are a few tips:

  • Look back at where you all started. Remember the good memories. When love comes in, everything will come into place.
  • Take a deep breath and walk away from the heated argument. Walking away does not mean you walk away from the relationship. It means walking away from the heated debate. By walking away from it you get rid of the tendency to fight back. Can you imagine? You are doing yourself a good favor and that of your partner. Later in the day, everything will be okay.
  • Keep quiet and don’t argue. When you keep your mouth shut it is more likely that your partner will also stop.

Life can be so messy sometimes. It all depends on how we handle the situation. When you really love the person let love find its way and everything will be okay. There is no perfect relationship anyway and we all have our own faults and failures.

Keep the love alive — that’s the most important.


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