Married Woman With Lesbian Affair

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Many married women will probably admit that they have had lesbian affairs in their lives.  While these married women are supposed to commit to their marriage vows, some are remain attracted to lesbians.

Usually women who have had lesbian affairs hide it from their husbands, while others do not when husbands are comfortable with the set-up.


So, what makes a married woman fall for a lesbian? This is the type of question hovering around people’s minds. Isn’t it that a woman is supposed to be with a man, but how come some women still find lesbians attractive?

The reason lies on whether or not the married woman is happy with her current relationship. A woman who is already married and still finds another woman attractive or falls for a lesbian is someone who is actually not happy with her married life. She may be happy, in some degree, like having a family she can call her own but, deep inside, she is longing for something that only a woman can give.

Women are known to be very intimate. That being said, a woman would tend to look for intimacy with another woman if she cannot find it in her man — an intimacy that she can only find in a woman. Most people are not created equal. The same holds true for these types of women.

Indeed, only a woman knows what a woman really wants. Every woman has a different need and want, but  it is something intense if a woman finds a lesbian more attractive than her man. It’s all about intimacy that only women know, which may come in different forms. It may be sexual or non-sexual.


So, are you a married woman who has an affair with a lesbian? What draws you to her? If you are a married woman who falls for another woman, you are not alone. There are many out there that can attest to the fact that you are not alone. These women have been married for years and yet find it hard to believe that they fall for another woman. Some have grown up kids yet they continue to live the life that they want. The life that give them contentment and happiness.


“Living Two Lives: Married To A Man And In Love With A Woman” is a good read. It’s good resource to help you go through the difficult process of coming out while being married to your man. Get out of the isolation and live a rewarding life by letting go of yourself. In this book, you will learn how to manage your initial same-sex attraction, how to tell your husband and children, how you manage a roller coaster of emotions and how you can create a support group. It’s a good read to those who are seeking answers to help them go through the same-sex attraction roller coaster ride.


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