Are you marrying a man to hide your lesbianism?

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Are you a lesbian thinking of marrying a man to hide your lesbianism? Beware! Marrying a man will never help you escape from the reality. Instead, it may be something that you will be sorry for — for the rest of your life.

Just be who you are

Hiding your lesbianism or female homosexuality by marrying a man may help in some way. Yes, it does, but only temporarily.  While marrying a man to hide your lesbianism is a good way to escape from the mean look of other people because of what you are, it is not the solution, but instead it will be your biggest regret later in life. Yes, marrying a man helps, but not for the long haul. Marrying a man cannot and will never be the solution to your lesbianism problem. The solution? Be who you are.

As a human being, you desire to be happy. Who doesn’t? We all do. But don’t you know the key to real happiness? The key is to remain who you are and for what you’ve become. If you knew deep in your heart that you are a lesbian, then be who you are. Who cares about what people say? It’s your life and your life is your business.

Hiding is like losing half of your life

Be true to yourself. If you hide your lesbianism by marrying a man, you are denying yourself of the joys of life. Many have been through that and can only say that it is a road too narrow to navigate. You will be faced with fear of what if. In time, you will get suffocated and bored in the company of the person you are not comfortable with.

Embrace Who You Are

It may be hard to let the world know you are a lesbian. As you want to protect yourself from the piercing eyes of people around you by your being a lesbian, always remember that it is not them that matters, but you. Embrace yourself for who you really are and, by doing so, learn to let go of the fear that is bothering within you. In other words, let your lesbian freedom reign within you.

Live the Life You’ve Always Wanted

As a lesbian, you can only live the life you’ve always wanted by being with the person you want to be with and that’s definitely not with a man. Go for what you believe can make you happy for the rest of your life. It is just a matter of believing in yourself and what you can do for the other person.

Let yourself be free. Don’t let yourself be controlled by fear. Don’t be scared of what might possibly happen if you let your feelings flow. If you want to be with the special someone in your heart, let it be. If you want to be happy, follow what your heart dictates you. Listen to your heart.

A lesbian can never be happy with a man

Some lesbians who have tried marrying a man to hide their lesbianism knew all too well that marrying a man is the biggest mistake they have ever made in their lives. This is true because lesbians will never feel comfortable in the company of a man. For lesbians, to be comfortable with someone is to be with a woman.

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