How to move on when the lesbian love is gone

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anime-girl5When you enter into a lesbian relationship, have you ever thought of how to let go of it if things will not work out? Guess not. Because by all certainty, what you have in mind is to savor the time and company of the person you are in love with. It is the romance that excites you that matters most.

When lesbian love is gone

But what if the lesbian love is in turmoil and is at a stage beyond repair. It could die down. What if your lesbian relationship did not turn out right or you came to realize that the person you used to love is not the right one for you.

When the love was still blossoming you both took care of each other, look after each other, and showered each other with undying love, affection and devotion. You gave each other TLC, your world revolves around her and then one day you realize that she is no longer there. Could it happen?

Yes,¬† no matter how strong the lesbian love is. A case in point is when the woman you’re so deeply in love with turned out to be unfaithful to you.

Moving on is easy

But, it’s easier said than done. The reality is moving on takes time. While you can say the lesbian love is completely gone, deep inside, you are turn apart. You will feel an excruciating pain with a longing to have her back.

Moving on takes determination and perseverance. It can be a slow or faster process depending on how well you handle the situation. It would be a slow and painful process if you let the memories stay alive within you. Move on by moving to a new place. A new place can help enlighten your mood. It will help revive or lift up your spirit.

Take away all the memories

If moving is not an option, the better way to deal with the situation is to stay away from all the memories left behind. Remove and throw away things that reminds you of her or donate it to charity. Repaint the house, change all the sheets and everything else that will reconnect you to her. The most important thing is by eliminating all her pictures at home, in your inbox, your cellphone camera or anywhere you’ve saved a picture of her.

No place for the unfaithful

You can forgive and forget but you cannot remain in a lesbian relationship with an unfaithful person. There is no other way to move on but of letting go of someone you love.

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