My Apologies for Not Being Around for Sometime … I am so emotionally ruined.

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My friends here at y-woo —  thank you for being a part of this site. Your following means a whole lot to me.

My apologies too for not being around here for sometime now. It’s a long story, but I will tell you a bit nonetheless. My girlfriend of five years broke up with me on Memorial Day when we were vacationing with friends. I was totally devastated upon hearing the words “were over.”

She is 15 years older than me but I love her to death despite our age gap. She was the one who hit upon me sometime in June of 2011. I found something interesting on her and so we hit it off. I moved in with her and we lived happily together until sometime in May of this year when she starts to get cold on me. I later found out that she was talking to a guy who befriend her on Facebook. I asked her why she entertained someone when we were still together and her answer was “were over.” I also found out that five other guys were emailing her and all she said to them was that she is single and not with someone else. It was hurting to know that the woman you truly love can do this to you — not telling the truth and cheating on you. She gets mad easily each time I ask her a question. She would raise her voice and start a fight. She would lie and come up with good alibis just to cover up the guy she was talking to. I am a cool person and I just can’t understand why she did what she did when I was everything for her before she started talking to this guy. A guy that she didn’t even meet in person. As I was worried then I did my own research on the guy and I found out that he was stealing pictures from an EU politician and posted it as his own to attract women he can dupe with. My ex ended up sending money to this guy and I am pretty sure she got scammed. The hard part is when she confessed to our group of friends the reason why she broke up with me was that she would like to serve the Church. Our friends didn’t know the real reason but I did not tell them anyway because I don’t want my ex to lose her friends.

I am trying to win her back, but she said she doesn’t want to anymore. I found out that she is still yearning to talk to the scammer.

Any suggestion you can give me on what to do with what I am dealing with right now will be much appreciated. I am here not giving an advice but seeking your own. I love her so dearly that I don’t want to lose her but it hurts to know that the woman you love loved someone else. It is more hurting when you know that the one she loves is scamming her of her hard-earned money and just playing with her emotion.

Thank you.


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