The Truth About Lesbian Relationships

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beach girlAre you a lesbian and still single? Do you have any plans of remaining single for the rest of your life? Or, do you have any plans of settling down with “someone”? Be that as it may, bear in mind that it’s no easy task to make a decision when you are a lesbian. However, being single also sucks. It is still nice to feel love and be loved. But, while the feeling of love is good to the extent that you will feel all the excitements in this world, be aware too that your decision to be with “someone” must be for better or for worse.

For example, if you decide to settle with a woman since you can’t take it to be living under one roof with a man then be aware of the following truths about lesbian life:

1. You will be with a woman. As a lesbian this is what you’ve always wanted. To be with the woman you are head over heels with. You will even do everything you can to make her happy. Love will never be what it is if you’re not staying together. So, you move in with her. Things seems to be pretty smooth and then all of a sudden things changed. Remember that you can never tell the real person unless you live¬† under the same roof.

2. Women are possessive. She becomes possessive. Jealousy comes in which causes problems one after another in your relationship. Yes, issues can pile up that can make the relationship unhealthy. But, there is no perfect relationship. Even a straight relationships have its own set of problems.

3. No relationship is perfect. Yes, and there is no exception. All kinds of relationships have problems and concerns. Even if both of you have made a pact to “forgive and forget” about a settled issue things can still come up. This is true when one craves for a baby at home. But, remember, first of all, you are with a woman. And, that…

4. You can’t bear a child. You can never bear a child with a woman partner. Yes, there are scientific discoveries out there but it is still different. Feelings can change and in fighting begins. You try to sort things out and make the relationship work but it could be like…

5. You and me against the world. It’s “you and me” against the world if no one accepts the lesbian relationship. You get disappointed and frustrated. Depression comes in and other sorts of lesbian relationship issues.

The above facts are real experiences of lesbian couples who have been through it all. It is indisputably the case if you will enter into a lesbian relationship that these things could happen. And, it is good to know these facts before plunging yourself in into a lesbian relationship. Be aware of situations that may happen and it is always good to ask yourself questions like “What if?” These “what ifs” can be your turning point or these may serve you as a guide to make the right decision in your life. It’s not too late to make a change of heart.

To learn more about what’s really at stake in a lesbian relationship, grab a copy of “The Truth About Same Sex Marriage: Things You Need To Know About What’s Really at Stake.” This is a good read as it will enlighten you more about lesbian relationships and help you formulate your own answers.

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