The best places for lesbians in the United States

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Are you a lesbian wanting to get out of the closet? Is your family against what you have become? What about your friends? Are they against it too? Why settle in a place when you feel you are not accepted? The world is huge that, for sure, you will find one better place to live.

Acceptance is what most lesbian have been wanting for from family and friends. It is that feeling of being accepted that every lesbian’s heart desires. Without that feeling of being accepted, a lesbian’s life can be very miserable. Being accepted as a lesbian by members of the family, friends and the community can lead to a meaningful and fruitful life.

The life of a lesbian can be hard and depressing without the full support of family members and friends and, most likely, it would be much harder if the community is not also welcoming. A lesbian support group is nice to have in times like this. While a lesbian can gain support from family members as families will always be families, it is hard to gain acceptance to a very unwelcoming community.

To address the issue, most lesbians move to places where they are most welcome and are treated as human beings and as members of society. Why stick it out in a place where you live like a loner when you have a lot of choices of places to go?

There is always a better place to live for gays and lesbians, especially those who are in the United States. Gay and lesbian friendly communities are abundant in America than any place in this world. You only have to do a quick search and you will find the best places where gays and lesbians are most welcome and accepted.

According to this Fact Sheet released by the Urban Institute based in Washington, D.C., states with the most same-sex couple households are California, New York, Texas, Florida, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Ohio, Massachusetts and New Jersey. And, the highest concentration of lesbian couples by state are Vermont, New Mexico, Oregon, Massachusetts, California, Maine, Washington, New Hampshire, Colorado, and Arizona. While this is based on a 2004 data, the same holds true up to now.

1. In 2011, a professional lesbian couple from New York City who wants to move somewhere in South Florida gets an advise that Fort Lauderdale and Miami are the best gay and lesbian friendly cities in Florida. Fort Lauderdale is well known to be the best destination and a haven for gay and lesbians. Indeed, it is gay and lesbian friendly with its over 100 gay-owned establishments operating there.

2. In Massachusetts, where same-sex marriage is legal, the top in the list of best city for lesbians is Northampton. In 1992, Northampton was dubbed as “Lesbianville” by the National Enquirer. It has one of the largest populations of lesbians among the major cities in the United States.

3. In California, the San Francisco Castro District is the best destination for gays and lesbians where rainbow flags adorn apartment windows and bar entrances in many neighbourhoods. June is Castro District’s queer festival. Domestic partnership is legal here and the state recognizes the status of couples who were married in states where same-sex marriage is legal.

4. Some of Delaware’s Rehoboth Beach zip codes also have been named as some of the gay and lesbian friendly neighbourhoods. In fact, Rehoboth Beach, one of the nation’s most popular gay resort communities, is where The Delaware Gay Pride Festival takes place in mid-September.

5. The survey conducted by a lesbian-focused website tabbed New York City as “prime location” for lesbians. Same-sex marriage in New York is legal too. New York is the best place of choice for many because of the many places to bring visiting friends to. One can take a visiting friend to a “Hop on Hop Off Double Decker Sightseeing” in New York to tour around the city.

6. There is a vibrant gay and lesbian population in the Dupont Circle area in Washington, DC.  It is here where the first  The Dyke March in 1993 was held, a lesbian-led and inclusive gathering and protest march, which usually occur the Friday or Saturday before the LGBT Pride Parades.




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