Why it is not safe to play around with women

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Women are fragile. They are by nature delicate and tender.  Like glass, women can easily be broken or damaged when emotionally hit hard. A woman’s heart can easily break apart when it is badly hurt.

Do you like playing around with women?

Then, stop if you can.

It is a fact that when a lesbian shows she likes a woman, the woman would not only appreciate it but would most likely embrace it.

The Scene

A woman who is in her late 50’s has a huge crush on a lesbian in her early 40’s. Let’s hide their real names as “X” and “Y”. X being the lesbian and Y, the woman in her late 50’s. Both belong to a group composed of lesbian couples, straight women and single lesbians.

The two are both single and available. Being without partners, they were the subject of “who gets who” in the group. This situation made both X and Y very uncomfortable in each other’s company as when they are left alone there will be teasing and laughing by the rest of the group members. In response, X and Y made an arrangement to just make fun out of it.

Not known to X, Y has a huge crush on her. Y, on the other hand, is unaware that X likes her eyes. X would play around with Y when it became known to X that Y really liked her. She would tease her around when in the group and when Y calls X over the phone. Y liked the way she was teased by X. Then Y falls for X. Y got so crazy that she calls X every now and then. She would also send X text messages that leads to something deeper than mere call for friendship.

X, knowing that Y liked her and started to fall for her, continued to just play and tease around Y, who also did not complain of X playfulness because of a previous arrangement. Then, it came to a point when Y acknowledges falling very deeply for X. Y eventually lost her appetite for work and numerous sleepless nights. She admits imagining being with X in all her daily affairs. In short, she kept on daydreaming and wishing they could be together in the end.

Friends within the group noticed how bad X’s playing and teasing around Y affected Y. Y couldn’t eat and sleep. She also lost her appetite to work. Y was in a bad shape.

The Lesson

“Don’t play the game if you can’t take the pain”. This is a popular adage to gamers and players. It’s a win or lose situation so if you cannot accept losing then don’t dare play the game.

X, in the story, played a great role in the sad state Y is in now, but Y partly is to blame. She played the game too that X played. She was aware X was just playing and teasing around with her yet she continued to accept how she was being played and teased by X.

While X fully regrets what she did to Y, the pain is already there. Y felt the pain deeply that X left in her heart because all the while she thought that X’s playing and teasing around with her were all for real. She mistakenly thought X was serious in her feelings, though in a very playful way.

Women’s feelings are very fragile. No one should play around with it, unless one is serious in what she is doing. Since women by nature are tender with hearts’ so delicate, they should be treated with care and caution. Playing and teasing should have no place if it results to hurting the other person’s feelings.


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