How to save a lesbian relationship

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pic-1Is your lesbian relationship on the verge of collapse? You are not alone. There are many lesbian relationships in shambles. There are no exception. Any kind of relationship will, at some point in time, experience problems. Problems that, sometimes, are irreconcilable.

If the relationship with your current partner is on the verge of collapse, find a way to salvage it. Save it while the love is still there.

Here are tips on how you can save your lesbian relationship without even spending a dime.

1. Communicate. Time and time again, communication is proven to be the perfect tool in saving any kind of relationship. As people become too busy with their respective lives, they often times forget that they have responsibilities to their partners or loved ones. People tend to focus more on career and money not realizing that it is affecting their current relationship.

This is true when one is at a peak of one’s career. One is becoming so obsessed with work not realizing that it is affecting her relationship. Although trust and understanding may still be present, trust and understanding alone are nothing if there is failure to communicate.

2. Stay home. If you are currently working, take a vacation but spend it wisely and only with your partner at home. A week together in the confines of your house will give you and your partner time to rekindle that lost love for each other.

3. Seduce her. Wear sexy clothes in bed. This adds spice and can trigger the sensual side of your partner seeing you in your perfect self.

4. Cook her favorite dish. Surprise her with your cooking. Cook her favorite dish and serve it with wine in a candle light dinner.

5. Write a love note. Writing is another way of making your voice heard if you cannot talk your feelings out directly. Write your words with love and passion. In closing, write something like “Don’t let me be lonely tonight.”

6. Watch lesbian movies together. Be carried away with the lesbian movie story. Make sure it has a good story that can relate to your current situation.

You can take control of romance if you let it be. Try to redo the things you’ve done for her when you were still pursuing her. What did you do that made her fall in love with you? Did you write a lot of love notes to her? Then do the same thing. Maybe she missed the romantic side of you.

There are times when women distance themselves from their partners not because they don’t love their partners anymore but because they feel being abandoned. Neglect can be a killer. Don’t let this happen if she means so much to you. Move fast and act fast to save your lesbian relationship!

This is true if you are too obsessed with your career. Try to balance work and love life to have a healthy relationship. Then and only then will you have the best of both worlds.

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