How To Spot A Secret Lesbian Affair

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Some women have had lesbian affair. Their affairs are kept with secrecy so as not to comprise the relationship they have with their husbands, families and friends. An arrangement that both parties normally agree just to keep the relationship going. It normally happens when one or both are not prepared of coming out just yet.


Some would say that it is hard to detect or spot a lesbian affair that is kept with secrecy. But, it is not. Really!

Here are some signs that she may have a lesbian affair:

1. She always mentions her name in a discussion;

2. She is always proud of her accomplishments;

3. She brings her home as a friend, but would most likely want to be always around her;

4. She always tags her along and would call her almost always;

5. She is happy being around her and would cook her favorite dish;

6. She has a lot of incoming and outgoing calls for her;

7. She never misses calling her everyday;

8. She kept her text messages, but kept her phone locked; and

9. She would buy her presents even without occasion.

The above are just a few hints that will help you uncover her hidden secrets.



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