How to keep a lesbian relationship secret

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a-look-in-the-eyeHaving trouble keeping a lesbian relationship a secret?

Keeping a lesbian affair or relationship a secret can be very difficult. While it is easy to have a lesbian affair, it takes a great deal of willpower and determination not to let anybody know what you are up to. Action speaks louder than words and, unless you are completely out, you will be faced with fear of what if. What if your family will know? What if your good friends will know who, all this time, thought you’re straight? When you fall in love with a woman like you, things could change and your actions could change. You will always want to be with the other person and this unavoidable feeling of wanting her will make your actions obvious in the eyes of people around you. Always keep in mind that actions speak louder than words.

If you want to keep your lesbian relationship a secret, here are some helpful tips:

  1. Don’t talk about it. Keep mum about your lesbian relationship with family and even with friends — even to your best friend. People talk so it’s better for you to just keep your mouth shut all the time if you want the lesbian relationship going.
  2. Don’t go out. I mean go out, but not in the area where friends and family usually spend their time.
  3. Avoid mails. Don’t let your lesbian lover send you mails or gifts at home. This is fine if you are living alone but very risky for those staying with family or friends.
  4. Talk when you are alone.  Make a point to talk to your lesbian partner when nobody is around or make sure that nobody will hear what you are talking about.
  5. Erase text messages. Sending and receiving love text messages can be heart warming and exciting, but not deleting a message can have  a very bad effect. People sometimes forget about things like having a cellphone handy all the time.
  6. Hide your sexuality or sexual preference.

Keeping a lesbian relationship a secret can be very difficult as action speaks louder than words. There are also people who are good at spotting a secret lesbian affair. These people can easily see telltale signs of lesbian attraction or flirting so it is important not to show any signs of attraction towards women especially in public with members of the family around.

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