Secrets in Getting Your Woman Hooked on You

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Turning a new relationship into a long-term one is quite hard work if you don’t know how to handle it. Here are some tips that will guide you to keep the energy flowing:

1. Be honest of your intention. It is important to be honest to your partner. Affirm your intention — that you are committed to the relationship and that you are in it for the long haul. This will avoid¬† misunderstanding along the road.

2. Keep the romance alive. Giving flowers or gifts to your partner show care and affection. Girls love this kind of gesture. She will appreciate it even if all you can afford is only those inexpensive gifts. Being thoughtful is all that matters to her.

3. Listen when she talks. Take time to listen to your partner to show that you are there for her. Listen more and talk less. Talk only when you are given the chance. This will make her feel better, especially when she’s down. Ask about how she feels and how you can help. Comfort and pamper her. Show her that you care.

4. Stay attractive. Maintain your physical appearance, health and hygiene. Feel good and look good for her.

5. Think of the Present & Future. Get over your past and think of your present relationship. Talking about ex’s will just provoke a discussion that you would not like. Think instead of how you can grow your relationship.

6. Spend more time together. Watch movie or eat out together. Spending more time with each other will tighten the bond of the relationship.

7. Share hobbies. It is a good thing if you and your partner share the same hobbies. Take time out together and have some fun.

8. Cook for her. Try to discover her favorite dish and prepare it. She will love it, especially if you cook it right.

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