Would you seduce a girl if you are a lesbian?

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Are you a lesbian? If you are, would you seduce the girl you like or just wait until she hits on you or confess that she likes you too?

If you wait, it may take you years before you will get an answer. The waiting can make you nuts if you really like her. Better yet, it can make you crazy if someone, other than you, is starting to hit on her too. What if she really doesn’t like you? What if she likes you but doesn’t hit on you? What if she is the shy type of person and is afraid of confessing her feelings that she likes you too?

Women are known to be very secretive and so the chance of knowing whether she likes you or not is very slim. Unless, of course, if you ask her up front. As these women are afraid of admitting that they also like lesbians, they would rather keep their feelings to themselves.

A good example is a childhood friend who admits she likes someone in grade school. After 33 long years, the two reconnected and finally admitted they both liked each other since. Though 33 years had passed, the feeling for each other stayed the same. Now, it has grown even more, both sharing good times together to catch up for lost times.

So would you seduce a woman you really like or hope for the best to happen?

A lesbian who really likes a woman should not wait for the best to happen. She should try to work it out with the woman she likes in a natural and romantic way. Seducing a woman should be a last ditch effort. Women prefer to be courted in a very natural and romantic way. They love to be pampered and cared for. A lesbian who knows how to pamper and care a woman will never have a hard time winning her heart.

While some women like to be seduced, seduction is the least that you should do because the end result is that love may never happen or exist in the relationship. It is better to be loved for who you are, because it is the love that will tie you both together. Seduction is and will never be a good idea if you want your girl for life. Be natural and she will love you for who you are.

If you are a lesbian who wants to seduce a woman, always remember that this is not for everyone. Seducing a girl may be easy for those who are really good at the art of seduction, but it can be very disastrous for those who are not.

Take extra care if you are planning of seducing the girl you really like. You may end up in trouble. While seducing a girl can be very exciting, it can also be very disastrous. Do not try to seduce a girl if you do not know how or else you may end up in trouble.

Let’s take as a good example a comment posted by Norma in one of our articles entitled, “Lesbian Affair With a Married Woman” where the lesbian kept hitting on her though she is a married. While hitting is different from seducing a woman, the comment is not at all clear what actions were made. It is a good lesson to learn. Be aware of your actions as these actions could either make or break you. In the example, the lesbian who kept on hitting Norma end up being slapped twice. One in the face, and two, with a sexual harassment case.

One word of caution: Think before you act. As the saying goes, “Don’t play the game if you can’t take the pain.”

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