How to seduce your lesbian partner

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anime8Is your lesbian partner getting cold on you? Wondering how to make that lightning strike again? The secret on how to seduce your lesbian partner is by going back to the basics.

When you hear the word seduction, what comes to your mind? You may think it has something to do with convincing your partner to drop her resistance and succumb herself to sex before she changes her mind. You then try to do all kinds of tricks to seduce her hoping you’ll stumble upon that works as you push yourself in frustration.

Seducing a partner is a lot of work but it’s worth it if you get lucky. Work your way hard enough. After all, it’s seduction! But no, you are dead wrong because what you are doing is pure manipulation.

Seduction is essentially about attracting your partner into doing something that both your mind and body desire. It is not about doing tricks in the hope of stumbling upon that works. Seduction is all about using your charm so your partner will be drawn to you.

To seduce your lesbian partner is to make her feel special. Let her know through soft spoken words that she is your everything. Give her that tender loving care by caressing her hair or simply make gentle strokes or soft touches in her skin while you whisper your words in her ears. Make her feel loved and cared for. Lure her with your magnetic eyes and make her surrender. Be sensual using your body language and follow your instinct.

The thrill of seduction lies in the chase. The art of seduction lies in your charm. Seduce your partner in silence by merely using your senses. Use eye contact, your sense of touch and smell. If you’re aiming for complete surrender use these mechanics of attraction that guarantees complete satisfaction.

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