How to seduce a straight woman

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holding-handsHow to seduce a straight woman is the most common question faced by lesbians who fall in love and want to build a relationship with a straight woman. The desire to seduce a straight woman should come natural and done in a more subtle way. If the attraction is very strong, the lesbian love can become irresistible. One can hardly explain its meaning whenever it strikes a lonely heart. It is hard to resist and hard to control if the dictates of the heart is pulling you apart.

Most if not all lesbians will do everything in their power  just to get the woman of their dreams. But, unlike men, lesbians strategies are more subtle.

How to seduce a straight woman

Below are some tips that are proven helpful in seducing a straight woman. Or, you can grab a copy of the “Make a Woman Want You,” a system that has been used by many in their desire to get the woman of their dreams. Making a woman want you has been proven and tested by many to be very effective. If you really want to make things happen, it is your take.

In any event, make sure you know a little bit of strategy on how to be befriend a woman. It’s not quite easy though because every woman has a personality of her own. You are lucky if the woman you are aiming for is a bit friendly as it is much easier to strike a conversation. For example, while you are both on board a train or waiting for a bus or train. The trip or the waiting time could end up both of you exchanging emails or phone numbers. The rest will be history and then you can start the following:

1. Invite her for dinner. Lesbians mostly invite girls for a night out, dinner or parties. It is because after dark moments help ignite the will power of lesbians.

2. Watch movie together. The darkness in theaters are proven to be romantic. It helps lesbians get a better chance at starting an intimate discussion. If you are a lesbian and you want to take this route,  make sure you are seated beside each other. Strike a conversation by whispering words in her ear. Stay close to her as you can during the whole conversation. You don’t want to disturb the other people in the theater anyway.  She might get a hint. If she tries to stay away from you, that’s a bad sign. However, it could be a good sign if she remains in the same position while you both are whispering on each others’ ears. While talking try to keep your arm close to hers and then slowly slide your hands into hers. At this stage, try to get some idea if your actions are well taken. If it is, that’s another good sign. She may be hesitant at first to take your hands but if she does nothing you’re in for a good fight.

3. Invite her at home. Seducing a straight woman is a bit easy if she gets to know you better. By inviting her at your home, she will get an idea of who you truly are. While at home, you can prepare food for her or better still watch your favorite lesbian movie with her.  She may not like the idea at first but chances are her curiosity will drive her to finish the whole lesbian movie.  By then, she will also get an idea of who you are and this is where you can start the conversation. Tell her why you’re showing her the movie and explain your situation. The rest is up to you, but make sure you don’t go overboard or you’ll ruin the whole conversation. Take it easy and for sure you will get her sympathy.

4. Surprise her with flowers. Women love flowers. Surprise her with a buquet of fresh flowers but you should do a little bit of research first as to what kind of flowers she likes.

5. Buy her chocolates and other gifts. Lesbians who really like a person know how and what to give a person. Do some research about what she likes and dislikes. To fulfill your mission you must be very good at what you are doing. Start with inexpensive gifts as you are still in the application stage. Besides, if things gets rough on the way then at least it will not be heavy on your pocket.


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