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anime girl bg cloudsComing out and living openly as a lesbian are something that is hard to do. But, what if, after all those years of secluding yourself from the kind of happiness you longed for, you came to a point where the right time is “right now?” The process of coming out as a lesbian takes a lot of courage and determination to be out in the crowd.

A Gay Friend’s Story

A gay friend decided to do his part. His friends are well aware that he is gay, but his family is not. He said he cannot continue hiding his true self from them anymore while being openly gay to friends. This is his story:

He invited all of his family members to a lunch date at home on Valentine’s Day. He intentionally did it on “hearts” day with the hope that his coming out story will turn out well. After eating lunch, he called everybody’s attention and so they created a small circle to listen to what he wants to share to them. All ears were on him and so he thanked them first for accepting his invitation. Then tears started to fall and, after taking a deep breath, he told them that he is “gay.” Everybody was so shocked to hear the news because all they have in mind was that he is a straight guy, has a girlfriend, and that he is going to marry her and have kids of his own. There were sadness on everyone’s face but they were all very comforting and have accepted the fact that he is gay. His parents though were all smiling and giggles at each other. After his heartwarming coming-out story, his niece approached him to tell the funny side of it. She told him that the reason why his parents were all smiles when he broke the news was that they did not understand what “gay” means.

Share Your Own Coming-Out Story

Stories like this inspire others to come out on their own. It brings comfort and courage to break it out in the open. Let them see that there is light at the end of the tunnel. It may be hard to think about how you can do it or how you will do it and the right timing of doing it, but, in the end, it is worth the risk since the effect on oneself is a huge sigh of relief. It lightens the burden that’s been on ones shoulder all the years. If sharing your own coming-out story will help bring light to one’s own struggle, then let it spread so others can follow suit.

Have you come out already or are you still on the planning stage? You are very welcome to share it here!




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