A Shocking Revelation About Falling In Love With A Woman

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anime girlsThis woman’s experience is a must read. Once you get into the bottom of the story, you will open up your eyes that a woman, however straight she is, can fall in love with another woman. Indeed, if you experience it yourself, you will realize that falling in love with another woman is not a choice but it’s just “cupid’s” arrow striking at your heart. Enjoy!


I really relate to your story and thought perhaps I would share my own because a similar thing happened a couple of years back for me too.
I was 26 and had never been romantically interested in a girl. I had made out with a few girls when I was drunk, yes. However, it was always in front of other people and it seemed like a fun thing to do when drunk. I had never felt anything or been even mildly attracted to any of them. Despite a couple being absolutely gorgeous. I had been in love with one guy before and apart from that seemed to get bored of guys relatively easily… Though I think that’s possibly also to do with being in your 20s. Then I met this woman at my work. She was a couple of years older than I and gorgeous long blonde hair, bubbly personality and incredibly sexy. She was really touchy feely and used to stroke my leg up and down and tickle my nipples and was really flirty with me. She was a scorpio hence the sensuality/sexuality. We got along really well too.

Because I had never even contemplated myself as being anything but heterosexual, it took me a while to realize that the reason I felt so strongly drawn to her was not that we just got along well but because I was head over heels. She was straight (with a boyfriend) and I was ‘straight‘. One weekend (about 6-8 months into being quite close friends with her) we went away to her beach house together with one other friend. We went to some hot springs and we couldn’t keep our hands off one another. Stroking one another under the water and swimming playing around touching one another’s bodies against one another etc. Gentle, sensual and the chemistry was undeniable. Falling asleep that night I had a sensual dream about her and ‘i woke up the next morning realizing I had feelings for her. It was a complete SHOCK. Not only was it a shock I had feelings for a girl but it was a shock to me that I had literally not picked up on it until now.. I was completely oblivious. Even with all the touching of a sexual nature and the fact that I wanted to spend lots of time with her where usually I would enjoy alone time. I was completely SHOCKED.

I think that maybe she too realized that she had feelings for me that weekend because we were both very awkward at work on Monday. I kind of avoided her and I cant remember what exactly was going on for me but I remember I was afraid. Certainly I wanted to avoid her at all costs… despite being so drawn to her. A few days passed and she started being even more flirtatious with me and cheekily touching my crotch as she passed me and tickling me on my nipples and hips all the time. We would sit next to one another on a couch and I would stroke her hair and it continued on like this for a while. When we went out drinking we would dirty dance together and kiss one another on the lips and I would sleep over at her house in our underwear and cuddle but neither of us would go any further than this. Granted, neither of us were big drinkers and I think perhaps I liked her way more than she liked me. I couldn’t get her out of my mind and when I smelt her fragrance or she would walk into a room I would get incredibly turned on. To this day no-one could turn me on like she did.

I was relatively popular with guys and would get asked out on dates a bit but I was no longer interested in it. Prior to this I loved dating because it was super fun and now I just couldn’t stop thinking about her. I would be completely elated one moment and in turmoil the next. I started to get to know her family relatively well and her brother asked me out on a date. I agreed thinking it would be the perfect way to bring out her jealousy and/or force her to say something. I asked her if it was okay if I went out with her brother over text and she didn’t respond to me until the next day when I saw her at work. She was giving me the silent treatment but was also trying very hard to appear like she wasn’t. She said yeah whatever you can go. Then every night that week she asked me what I was doing tonight. Obviously inquiring as to when I was going on a date with a brother. Thursday came and I said oh I am going out with him tonight. Later that day I was changing into a dress for a fashion show we were throwing at work and she came in behind me gave me a really intense look in the mirror and held and touched me until I came. We never spoke about it ever and that was kind of it. She told me I wasn’t aloud to go out with her brother and she stopped working there not long after. One of the last times I saw her we went to a concert together during the day and she kept kissing me all over my face but then we just grew apart without ever having any conversation about anything. Was so weird and absolutely devastatingly heartbreaking. I never chased her though because she got a new boyfriend and she seemed to lose her interest in me after he came onto the scene. I can tell you one thing though, thanks to her it opened me up to a whole new world! I’m certainly more into women than men…. I haven’t felt like that for a guy since. Only one woman. We shall see its a beautiful journey.

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