Signs of Lesbian Attraction or Flirting

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Lesbians feeling towards women are just like how men feel towards women. Lesbians are attracted or most likely will flirt with women whom they find attractive by their own standards. And, while lesbians differ in standards with their male counterparts, they are mostly attracted to pretty, attractive, gorgeous or intelligent women. Some would prefer brain over beauty. but for the most part, the majority would go for physical attraction or the overall physical appearance of a woman.

When attracted, lesbians will most likely start flirting with a woman who they find they have a strong feeling or connection with. The attraction is not because the woman has a nice butt or pretty face, but it is more of what they feel towards the other person. A feeling of wanting to spend a lot of time with the other person that she finds different from all the rest of the women around her.

So, how can you tell if a lesbian is attracted to you? There are many ways to tell if a lesbian is attracted to you. You can uncover the hidden secret of attracting a lesbian by knowing what men secretly want. Learn what a man wants and you will uncover the hidden secret of what a lesbian wants.

And, if you really like the lesbian and don’t want to waste your time looking for clues if she is attracted to you then do the opposite. This is the smartest way to go since before you know it another woman may have already taken her ahead of you. You can do a short cut by reaching her heart deeply and have her love forever. “Enchant Him” can be applied to the lesbian you really like to have in your life since a lesbian have the same feelings of a man. When you get to the bottom of it notice her reactions after applying this proven system.

By applying the above principles, take notice that when a lesbian feels strongly towards a woman, her actions become obvious. Her eyes sparkle.

The human eye functions like the lens of a camera. It dilates the pupil to allow more light into the eye; constricting the pupil to allow less light into the eye. When more light is allowed into it, then the eye will give a sparkling effect. A woman’s eye pupils tend to dilate when viewing an object of desire, allowing more light into the eye so that she can see more of her desired object.

To know if someone is trying to flirt with you can be tricky. Flirting is an art. It is a two-way process. It can be subtle or overt.

Here are some subtle signs of flirting:

1.  When you are out together, she may try sitting close to you. Try to observe if she moves closer or farther away.

2. When you are sitting on a couch and your thighs touch, does she let it stay or inch away?

3. She will open the door for you to walk through.

4. She will say nice things about you.

5. She can’t get off her eyes on you.

If you want to overcome same-sex attraction, there is a good book that you can get or download online. This book is a comprehensive guide that is very useful to women who are uncertain about their feelings toward persons of the same sex: The Heart of Female Same-Sex Attraction: A Comprehensive Counseling Resource. It is always good to look for guidance when in doubt about our sexuality and this book is a good start. If you are uncertain about your feelings or how to go about your attraction towards women, the book is an ideal resource to start with. This comprehensive guide is a good source for guidance that will really help you a lot overcome your doubts about your feelings. And, for those who came from a family who doesn’t accept same-sex relationship, for sure, your family will be very happy about how you are dealing with your situation.


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