Tell-tale signs you both have a secret lesbian attraction

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Have you ever experienced being strongly attracted to a woman? If so, chances are you are a lesbian. But, how do you know exactly if the woman you are strongly attracted to is also attracted to you? If you are lazy to read what is written below, you can make a detour by viewing “The Law of Attraction.” It gives insights on how to attract abundance in life, including love.

That being said, most lesbians would most definitely admit — there is no easy answer if the woman you are strongly attracted to is also attracted to you. When you two are mutually attracted to each other, it’s like picture perfect. There is no hassle having the woman of your dreams. But, unless the woman you are strongly attracted to  boldly show signs that she is also interested in you, then there is no way you can tell that she also likes you.

A lesbian experience

I have my share of story to share.

When I was in Grade school, I was strongly attracted to a girl in my class. We became friends that there were times I ended up sending her to her house after school. It is my own special way of showing to the girl that I really care about her. We became really close, but she never showed any indication that she is also attracted to me. I was however sure she knows that I am attracted to her, which is pretty obvious from my actions, but I cannot really tell if she is also attracted to me. She never showed any sign at all. Until one day, she visited me at my house, which is very surprising. Then we lost touch after graduation.

That was 30 plus years ago.

A couple of months back, I received a very surprising email from a name I am not familiar with (she used an anonymous name in her email address). What intrigued me was the way the email was composed. It specifically states, “Why are you not responding to my email? Are you afraid of your wife?” What struck my core was the use of the words “afraid of my wife.” And so I emailed back and asked who she was. Then the next day, I received an email response, stating that she was my former grade school classmate. To tell the story short, we started chatting online and, eventually, over the phone. Thanks to new technologies that really helped our communication much easier. With these new technologies messages sent through text reaches her heart deeply. Now, I have her truly love forever.

When Feelings Still Remains

After more than 30 long years, we are communicating again. I can only say that the girl that I was strongly attracted to in grade school came back into my life. She shared her life’s experiences for the years that we lost touch of each other and I shared mine. We chatted and finally realized how much we missed each other.

The Lesbian Attraction

The girl that I was strongly attracted to in grade school is also attracted to me. She confessed over the phone that she was also attracted to me when we were in grade school and that she longed for my kiss even then at such a very young age. She shared she was confused back then why she felt that way towards me. A feeling, she said, she cannot explain. She added that, unlike other girls, she will never really show any sign of attraction to a person even if she is very desperate to have her. She further said that, at times, she wanted to show some sign she liked me, but that she cannot do or is afraid and scared to do.

Each Girl is Different

While some girls will keep their feelings to themselves, others choose to be bold about it. The girl that I really like way back then chose to keep quiet and kept her feelings towards me for over 30 years.

Tell-tale signs you both have a secret lesbian attraction

1. When you both have a strange look at each other in the eye. Be aware that it is not normal anymore when she kept looking at you and you kept looking at her.

2. When you both strangely care for each other. It is something when the caring is way above your expectation.

3. When you both strangely miss each other. It is very strange when a woman always kept saying “I miss you” when she knows she is not your best friend.

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