Straight female falling in love with a gay woman

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Are you a straight woman falling in love with a gay woman or lesbian?

A Straight Woman Will Never Fall in Love with Another Woman

Many would argue that it is highly impossible for a straight woman to fall in love with another woman. And, that there could be no way a straight woman could fall in love with a lesbian or gay woman. However the reality is, it does happen. Perhaps the straight woman finds the lesbian or gay woman physically attractive and kind. Qualities of a person  that most women are looking for.

Straight women are just humans. They can be physically attracted to persons of the same sex. It can happen to anyone. You can be a straight man who falls in love with another man or a straight woman who falls in love with another woman. Or, you could have been in love with men your whole life and then suddenly finds yourself in love with another woman. You may have envied this woman before because she is more attractive and then finds yourself in a situation where you feel something different towards her.

It Can Happen and It Is Happening

Many women have had experiences falling in love with men their whole lives and then suddenly find themselves attracted towards persons of the same sex. They fall in love with men their whole lives but caught up in a situation where their feelings changed. This time the feeling is towards women and not with men.

When a straight woman falls in love with another woman, it doesn’t mean she wants to get laid, but the feeling is that of wanting to think of her and be around her all the time.

It Can Complicate Things

Falling in love with another woman, when you are a woman yourself, can be very complicated. You may experience excitement when you are feeling the love, but it may be that you are just being, curious? It can be that you want to be like the woman you are attracted to. Infatuation, perhaps? Or, it maybe that you are just wanting attention? Whatever it may be, the fact is, it can complicate things if you are not sure about it.

Check Your Love Radar

While it is nice to fall in love and be loved, you have to be very careful when you feel this kind of feeling. Check your love radar as to how deep your feeling towards the other woman is. If it is not deep enough you may just be experiencing something that most women go through. Curiosity? Infatuation, etc…? You do not have to act on it. You do not have to act in every situation you are in. There are things in life that you do not have to act at all. Just let it be…and with time it will go away.

And remember to keep the feelings to yourself. Don’t tell anyone. It is for your best interest, unless you can trust the person to keep your best secret.

If you feel you can’t live without the other woman’s love and affection, then perhaps you are truly in love. When that happens, just enjoy and cherish the moment.


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