Are you a straight woman falling for your lesbian friend?

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Opposites attract and so are lesbians. Lesbians attract women of all types sometimes even without them making any advances. But while it is seldom heard of, it does happen in some mysterious and surprising ways.

So, are you a straight woman falling for a lesbian? You are not alone. There are many women who are into the same situation. Women would rather not talk about it if they fall for their lesbian friend. These women would prefer keeping it a secret rather than endangering their reputation or fear of rejection.

Falling in love?

No matter how straight you are, there is a great possibility that you will fall for a lesbian. This happens when you are with lesbian friends. When you become close to one of your lesbian friends things can get tricky that the line between pal and passion becomes too cloudy.


The best solution is to come out in the open rather than compromise your emotion. It can break you down, emotionally. Talk to your lesbian friend and let your feelings be known. It’s better to come clean and be honest with your feelings to a friend you treasure.

Be true to yourself

Being true to yourself is good but there are times when you have to protect yourself from destruction. Yes, it is wise to come out clean because falling for a friend is a normal occurrence, but beware as true confession can sometimes be dangerous. There is that risk that you will get rejected or the risk that your lesbian friend will not react to your admission. When that happens, there is a chance that it will ruin the beautiful friendship.

Cover up

Secrets have a habit of slipping out when you least expect it. You may thought you have complete control of your emotion but when you come to terms of who you fancy with you can end up doing things out of your character.

Deal with it

No matter how emotionally painful it is to fancy someone, sometimes the best solution is to deal with the falling out. It is still best to be open if you want to come out clean and relieve yourself of the emotional burden.

Move on

Sometimes it is helpful to talk to a friend you consider very close to you and whom you can trust. Best of all, if you feel you are still strongly attracted to your lesbian friend, talk to a helpline or some lesbian club or association in your area. Or better still, go to a gay club where you can chill out and meet new friends. It does not mean you have to be gay, but giving yourself a break can sometimes help you move on. Be that as it may, you may want to consider detaching yourself from who you fancy with.

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