Childhood lesbian love turned into a real lesbian romance

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Childhood days are nice to remember especially when you had your first crush. This can even bring smiles on your face. At such a young age when you first realize you like girls, you tend to shy away from the girls you really like. But then when you realize that the admiration even grows stronger that you feel you are falling in love, you start asking yourself what is going on. You try to escape from your lesbian dream of having her by showing off the girly side of you even though you knew deep within you that you like girls even more.

The first childhood crush

A first childhood crush is hard to forget even as you grow older.  Memories of her face will keep reminding you of the old days. Though things change as you grow older, still memorable moments you shared with your first crush will keep you thinking of her. She will then forever remain in your heart.

Back then when you first realize your feeling towards her is more than mere friendship, you seem to shy away your feelings. You tend to hide away your true feelings with a growing fear and desperation to have her. Loving her can be so heart breaking as you cannot express what you feel.

But what happens when your first crush has also a crush on you?

The search for long lost love

Years may pass, but the feelings will stay the same.

Two childhood friends separated by distance and who for many years have been searching for each other because of true love that they failed to express way back then.

Let’s hide them with names Kim and Em. Kim is a soft butch who had her first crush in Grade school. She really likes Em, her classmate, who later became her dearest friend. Em, on the other hand, is a long-haired very feminine sweet little girl, charming, and intelligent. The two became so close to each other that one visits the other whenever they have free time. Then came graduation day when the two have to separate ways.

32 Years of Searching

It took them 32 long years to finally find each other. Em had been married twice and had her first lesbian relationship while Kim has had her own lesbian affairs. She had never been with a man, but has had two failed lesbian relationships.

The reunion

The reunion came about when Em finally got hold of Kim’s e-mail address. By then she was already separated and was hoping that the first e-mail she sent will bring her some luck that Kim is still single and available. Luck, on the other hand, was not on Kim’s side as she continued searching for Em. She spent numerous hours on the net searching for Em and have called on many people to find her.

Then the exchange of e-mails, chat, and phone conversations ensued bringing old memories or to when and where the love for each other all started. Kim told Em that she had a crush on her, that during the later part of school she realized she had fallen in love with her, but was unable to express her true feelings because of fear . As a result of the confession, Em shared her own story that she also felt the same way and wished she knew Kim also liked her. Em emphasized that she had wished Kim to court her back then in Grade school and even wished for a kiss from Kim. Em confided that Kim always remained in her heart during the years. It was the same for Kim. Kim told Em that she looked for her during the past 32 years, asked many people who knew her whereabouts, and that she remained always in her heart.

Is it destiny?

For many years of searching, the two realized that perhaps it is destiny that brought them back together. Em told Kim that if she only knew then that Kim also likes her then she would never have married a guy or have a lesbian relationship with somebody else.

It was a revelation of two young hearts so deeply in love that were separated by life’s demands. It brought back sweet memories of two young people who dearly love each other but was unfortunate to unable to share the kind of love they wished for back then.

True love never dies

Kim and Em were touched by their own surprising revelations. After all the years, they never thought they would find each other again and rekindle old sweet memories. The chat, e-mails and phone conversations, brought them back the joy and laughter once again that hold each other dear.

The meeting

Perfect as it should be, the meeting was spectacular. Kim arranged a private dinner in a special hotel restaurant. It was a very romantic evening that brings back old memories for two loving souls sharing the same sweet look at each other just like ever before. Indeed, it’s heartwarming to see two people who deeply love each other by the way they look at each other’s eyes. The smiles are so sweet and the gestures so caring that you can tell one is equally special to the other. There is no room for sadness except for joy and happiness. Finally, they end up in each others’ arms.

First love never dies

When true love strikes to two young hearts, it will never break apart no matter how far each other can be and no matter for how long each had been apart. It will continue to blossom with each passing day, despite life’s trials and tribulations. The love that was once shared before will always remain buried deep inside each other’s heart. Sweet memories and true love will  reconnect both. The love will forever stay alive deep in each others’ heart. Indeed, first love never dies.

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