Straight women with lesbian relationship

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It is a fact of life that straight women want stable and monogamous relationship with men. They want a long term relationship with their ideal man; raise kids and grow old together through thick and thin.

This desire of settling with the right guy is something they can be proud of to family and friends. But just how much they can hold on to it is a big question. It thus takes a lot of hard work, prayer and patience. And just like any relationship, there is always good times and bad. If the relationship cannot be fixed, they end up hurting each other. Emotionally, it is the woman who is usually the ones hit hard. Moving on for her is a very painful process.

Most women who, after experiencing a bad relationship with men, will sometimes seek comfort from women friends. While still on the healing process these women are vulnerable. Some end up entering into another relationship with another man so soon just to get over with the past. Some would fall into a relationship that these straight women never expected to happen to them — being attracted to a lesbian.

Because of rejection, sadness and frustration, some women succumbed to the comfort of their female friends without realizing that they now both are falling for each other. This is more expounded in a book entitled, “I Can’t Think Straight.” They then realize that the affection and care they get from this relationship are more than what the male counterpart has given.

Some also enter into a lesbian relationship out of curiosity. They want to try it out and see how things work. If they like it they stay in the relationship, and leave if they don’t.

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