Tell-tale Signs A Lesbian Is Not Into You

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Experiencing feelings of attraction of the same sex is something that one should not ignore. If you are truly not into it, then try to control or avoid your emotion. Ask yourself first if a lesbian relationship is right for you. Otherwise, if you let the feelings be, it can distract or even destroy you. It is true that opposites attract, but it is likewise true that same sex attract and it is happening.

The feeling of being attracted to someone is very similar to the feeling of falling in love to someone and it is so magical that we experience happiness and excitement at some point in our lives.

But, being attracted to someone is not at all that simple.

If you are a woman and it so happen that you are attracted to a woman whom you are fully aware is a lesbian then think a million times before you let your heart go for it. Attractions are sometimes a distraction if you are not serious about it, more so if the lesbian you are attracted to is not serious about you. It can even destroy you if the attraction is not mutual.

So, how will you know if a lesbian is into you or not into you?

Here is a clue to a lesbian who is into you:

Action speaks louder than words. Observe and you will know it from her actions. A lesbian who is into you can never hide the fact that she is interested in you. One thing for sure is she will share it with friends, ask them questions about you or leave hints that you later on discover through no effort of your own.

Be careful though when you fall in love with a lesbian who is not into you as she may just use you and take advantage of you. Being in love with a lesbian who does not feel the same way as you do is painful and can be very devastating, but it is more painful if you keep on dreaming and hoping a relationship that will never be. If you are madly in love to a person sometimes you refuse to see the truth the she is not into you.

Further, a lesbian who likes you does not always mean that she is romantically interested in you. It is difficult to know if a lesbian is not into you specially if you are long time friends. But there are other ways to see if she is not into you. Feelings cannot explain love, but actions can.

Here are some telltale signs that a lesbian whom you are attracted to is not into you:

1. You are the one who always make the effort to call her. If she is not returning your call or messages she maybe avoiding you or you are totally out of her mind. She simply do not want it or maybe she may not want to be bothered at all. Everybody today is busy with their obligations and careers, but time can always be set aside if she is interested in you. If she is mutually attracted to you she will make an effort to hear from you and often calls you to check how you are doing.

2. She suddenly become busier than usual and makes various excuses. This is a sign that she does not want to see you or care about you at all. Is it not better to make excuses than telling you up front that she does not like you at all? It can be very hurting if you hear those words.

3. She is not taking you out on a date. She only wants to go out in groups. A lesbian who is truly interested in you will make the first move of taking you out alone to see if there is a romantic future for both of you. She will make the effort to get your attention.

4. Her description of a girl she likes, sounds not you. She may tell you she likes a girl with long hair and you are having a short hair.

5. She mentions other girl she finds attractive. She is just treating you just like one of her friends that she can share her thoughts with. Not trying to make you jealous.

6. She has no interest in talking to you. She is not giving her full attention to your discussions and is more focused on her cellphone  sending SMS messages to friends from Facebook.

7. She doesn’t confide with you. Her life is a mystery and she is not willing to let you in.

8. She shows no excitement in your presence. She may be bored or easily distracted when you are around. You can always determine her reactions. If she’s into you, she will feel extra happy to see you and even flirts with you. She will seek ways to get your attention.

9. You have not met her friends. When a lesbian is excited about a new woman in her life, she wants to include her in every aspect of her life.

Knowing the interest level of the lesbian is very important if you want a relationship forward or to decide if you are wasting your time on her or not. If you find that she’s not interested in you, it is time to move forward.

If a romantic relationship is far from reality, do your best to let that feeling go. When you love someone you must know when it is time to let go. Try to limit your interactions with this lesbian as much as possible. Avoid the places where she used to go and fill your time with other things that can help you move forward.

Sad emotions can give negative effects on physical health. Rather than feeling depressed, begin focusing on more positive things and then you will begin to attract positive situations. Think that you can find someone better than her. This will help you take out that false belief that she is the best person for you.

Treat yourself with respect. You deserve to have someone who loves you right. Loving someone that doesn’t love you back is like putting yourself through hell.

I see lonely people who, even though they cannot put their longing into words, are still hoping for some experience of love and understanding that will give them the strength to face life with a little more courage.


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