The burden of having a lesbian relationship while being married

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It is nice to fall in love, but not when you are already married. The burden starts when the lesbian affair gets too hot and you have a partner that doesn’t seem to  understand your situation as a married woman.

As the relationship gets hotter, the more you want to spend more time together. Time you spent with her will eat out time for your husband and kids. The family will then start raising questions, which you don’t want to hear or you may even run out of good answers. Families are expected to look after one another and situations like these cannot be avoided. You may not even have a right answer if your kids will start throwing questions at you. You may be able to escape their suspicions but they will discover it from your actions.

The lesbian relationship may survive if the partner is very understanding, but still you cannot keep out jealousy from your partner. Without a partner’s understanding attitude, jealousy will definitely kill the relationship and your friendship altogether.

Think before you plunge into this kind of relationship. It is burdensome not only to yourself, but to your family as well. It is disrespect at the least, dangerous at it’s worst. Kiss her goodbye before even saying hello.

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