What should a woman do when turned between married life and lesbian affair?

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There are advantages as well as disadvantages of being a woman in terms of sex appeal. One advantage is that a woman has the possibility of attracting both persons of the same and opposite sex. And many women have proven themselves that sometimes that’s the case. While this scenario could be flattering to a woman who is able to attract both men and women, it also has many disadvantages.

Yes, it can be fun, exciting and flattering if you, as a woman, is able to attract both persons of the same and opposite sex. But, what if you are already married? Now, that’s a disadvantage.

While a woman who is single may find it enjoyable to be with another woman, it could turn a family life apart in the case of a married woman. A single woman, unlike married women, can choose to have a lesbian affair. She may be free to do so as she has no commitment with anyone. And, unlike single women, a married woman’s emotional freedom is tied to the marriage vows. While there are husbands who openly accept their wives having a lesbian affair, still others hate to hear and see their wives having a lesbian affair. The freedom to have an affair for a married woman is no longer present. And if she choose to do so, there are great repercussions she has to face.

If you are one of the many married women who cannot survive without keeping the lesbian affair, here are some helpful tips you can take:

1. Be honest with your husband. Talk to your husband openly about the whole situation. This can be a great relief on your part if you are able to release the guilt that you’ve been holding up inside. Don’t hide it, instead talk it out. You need to lift that heavy burden that you’ve been carrying all along with you all this while. Expect the discussion to be dirty but don’t forget to keep your core. Explain to the best of your ability as to why you are feeling that way. It maybe that you found out later in your marriage life that you are a lesbian or you are just confused or that you already knew that you are a bi-sexual woman before you married your husband.

2. Be true to yourself. Being honest with yourself can help you find your way. What is it in life that do you really want? What makes you happy? These are common questions that may help you decide in life. Will it make you happy and life more fulfilling if you are beside your lesbian lover?

3. Follow your heart. Love is like a poison. It sometimes is uncontrollable. If you follow the dictates of your heart will it make you happy? Then go for it. In life, it is just a matter of choice and whatever choice you make, make sure you’ll have no regrets.

If you are a woman who has a lesbian affair, feels guilty about it and want to make things straight, here are some helpful tips:

1. Back off. Disconnect yourself from a possible lesbian affair. Think about why you married your husband in the first place. Why did you? Avoid every possible connection with the lesbian. The lesbian affair can hit hard on you if you let your emotion in. It can be fun and exciting at first, but once emotion runs deep it can make things complicated. This can lead you to getting more confused about yourself and how to go about a lesbian affair while you’re married. Erase all contact information or gifts you may have received from the lesbian. Getting rid of these will help you move on.

2. Pray. Prayer is the best weapon to fight a war against emotion. Pray, it works! It never fails!

3. Family first. Spend more time with your family. Tending to your family’s affair is more of an obligation than a responsibility.

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