What to do when you are upset with your girlfriend

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Every relationship has its own set of problems. It is unavoidable no matter how hard you try to keep the relationship warm and healthy.

What will you do if you are faced with this situation?

“I was upset with my girlfriend because she forgot about our anniversary date,” says a friend. “I never thought she would treat me this way”, she added. From the tone of her voice, I can feel what she feels. She felt she was being neglected and ignored. The date was so important to her because it was her first lesbian love.

Feeling upset is normal, but it can be resolved with either of the following tips:

1. If you cannot directly tell your partner what you are upset about, try slamming your room door and let your emotion take over. Spice it up with some tears and make sure your partner sees it running over your face. If she is heartless, she may ignore you. If not, great! Chances are she will comfort you and ask why you’re acting that way. This time, it’s your turn to lay your cards, but lay it well.

2. Ignore her for a day or two and just do your own thing. This will make your partner realize what she’s done.

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