Web video campaign launced by same-sex marriage supporters in Md.

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The same-sex marriage legislation in Maryland will face a rematch early next year or sometime in January 2012. With this in mind, supporters of the same-sex marriage in Maryland launched a web video campaign to gain support from its viewers.

The web video campaign is a somewhat similar effort that transpired in New York where well known celebrities all stepped forward in making attention grabbing appearances in a long running ad campaign. In June 2011, lawmakers in New York voted to legalize same-sex marriage making New York the largest state where gay and lesbian couples will be able to wed. New York’s marriage bill was approved 33 to 29.

On the other hand, the same-sex marriage bill in Maryland was killed by the Maryland General Assembly in March 2011 when leaders of the House was faced with uncertainty as to whether they had enough support to pass a final vote. The recent web video campaign is set to garner more support. The first web video campaign features no less than the Maryland chief executive Gov. Martin O’Malley.

Organizers of the same-sex web video campaign in Maryland vowed to produce a steady stream of supporters from now and until the Maryland General Assembly votes on the issue again in 2012.


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