How to make a wife feel guilty about a lesbian affair?

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Some married men feel threatened by their wives lesbian affairs.

Here are some scenarios as to why some wives have lesbian affairs:

1. The husband lacks the charm and warmth;

2. The husband is not caring;

3. The husband does not show love at all;

4. The husband is irresponsible;

5. The husband lacks the personality wives are looking for;

6. The wife is gay or lesbian. What type of lesbian is she?

7. The wife feels complete when being with a lesbian.

The list can go on. These husbands then want their wives to feel guilty about their lesbian affairs. So, how can a husband do it?

Here are some tips to make your wife feel guilty about her lesbian affair:

1. Do the opposite of the above first five scenarios. That means you have to be more responsible, loving, caring, etc.

2. Be intimate to your wife;

3. Pamper your wife more than how a lesbian pamper her.

4. Have an open communication with your wife.

5. Lastly, pamper and pamper, but not to the extent of suffocating her.

Somehow, a wife who feels loved and cared for by the man she marries will most likely refrain from doing what she should not be doing. Women like to be pampered all the time and that’s the key to having your wife back.

However, no matter how hard you try to make your wife feel guilty about her lesbian affair, there is nothing you can do if your wife is a lesbian.

Can that happen?

Yes. These are women who later in their lives realize that they are lesbians and want to be with women rather than with men.

While this can be painful to the husband, this can also be painful to the wife who now feels unhappy being tied to the marriage bond. The wife who later in her married life realizes she is a lesbian and wants to be with another woman will nowhere have room for happiness even being with a caring, loving and responsible husband.

So, why do married men feel they are threatened by lesbians?

Lesbians are known for being so caring, loving, open and very intimate to their partners and these lesbian attitudes toward their partners can be considered threat to men especially the married ones.

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