What is in a woman that attracts a lesbian?

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anc_aya076Women are created equal, but there are unique qualities of a woman, physical or not, that can draw a lesbian’s attention.

So, what exactly is in a woman that attracts lesbians?

Taste of a Lesbian

A lesbian’s taste on women is no different from the taste of men. Like men, lesbians have different tastes. Generally, lesbians like women of all types, but there are qualities of a woman that may draw a lesbian’s attention or can glue a lesbian’s eyes.

There are those drawn by the personality of a woman, while others are attracted by the physical appearance of a woman. There are also women who can easily catch the eyes of a lesbian like the ones with beautiful face, nice hair, butt, legs, etc. Other lesbians are attracted to dark haired, brown-eyed feminine type of woman, while others like blue-eyed, blonde-haired athletic woman.

Women are Attractive

Generally, women are attractive in the eyes of a lesbian. Exuding confidence can be a plus but what can glue a lesbian eyes towards a woman is her unique beauty. She may have the prettiest face on earth but with a bad attitude she may also be frowned upon. To a lesbian, what makes a woman attractive is being who she really is. It may be her aura, her being mysterious, being a reserved woman, intelligent or kind that can draw a lesbian’s attention.

So, what attracts a lesbian? Here are the five attributes of a perfect woman:

1. A woman who can help with household chores and has a good job;
2. A woman who can make you laugh;
3. A woman who you can trust;
4. A woman who likes being with you in bed or not; and
5. It’s important that each of these four women don’t find out about each other.

Joke! But, seriously? What attracts a lesbian to a woman is her inner beauty. That’s a personal opinion, but there are those drawn into the physical appearance of a woman. The physical attributes can start from a woman’s hair then way down to how proportionate the rest of a woman’s body is, which could be from shoulders to the curvature and fullness of the breasts. Then there is the tummy area to the hips, the thighs to the calfs, the ankles and even the feet. Still somehow even with all that has been mentioned, certain attributes would appeal to different lesbians at different levels.

So, what attracts you to a woman? We want to hear your side.

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