Are all women slightly lesbians?

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straight-girlsWomen! Are we all slightly lesbians?

This was the question raised by a man who thinks that women, in general, who seem attracted to other women usually have sexual feelings towards them or are slightly lesbians. Perhaps this guy has a dating problem or problem going after the woman he is interested in. It could also be that the woman he is interested in may not be interested in him but, instead, interested in another woman — a scenario that can be a bit confusing to the guy. But, how do you exactly gauge a woman as to whether or not she is a lesbian? Or slightly lesbian?

The answer depends largely on the woman’s perspective. From a straight woman’s perspective, she can definitely say that she does not feel any sexual feelings towards other women at all. Or she can openly say, “the woman” is “very attractive” but it doesn’t mean she is a lesbian. To a straight woman, showing signs of attraction to another woman is simply noticing another woman’s traits which she doesn’t have that she wants for herself to catch a man. It can also be that she is merely wanting to be like the woman she admired as “very attractive,” but not necessarily liking her. These women could just be wishing that, what beautiful things they see in other women, they could somehow have for themselves.

Women these days find it refreshing to openly say that other women are attractive, but not in a lesbian way or thoughts. With beautiful faces of super models plastered on TV screens and magazines, women these days can openly say which one is the sexiest of them all. In other words, what these straight women are saying are mere signs of admiration towards other women, pure and simple. After all, to admire someone does not necessarily mean you already like someone or already love or have sexual desire towards someone.

The same holds true to a straight woman who gets turned on by another woman. By turning to another woman’s sexual desire does not mean that a woman is a lesbian.¬† She could just be merely satisfying her curiosity. Women are, in general, sexual in nature and it can be that she was just swift off her feet by the gentleness of the other woman. Falling in the arms of another woman doesn’t mean one is a lesbian. She could just be wanting love and affection, which a lesbian gave unconditionally.

It would be different if the woman who seems to be attracted to another woman showed no sign of slowing down in her attraction to the other woman. She may not be able to stop thinking about the other woman she is attracted to which could result, at times, to sexual fantasies. The woman could be a lesbian after all.

Women who are only attracted to men are definitely not lesbians. These are straight women who are definitely not even slightly lesbians. While there are different types of lesbians, straight women will always be and remain straight women. However, they differ from those straight women turned lesbians.

Women are welcome to share their thoughts.

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