Why do some women prefer to be in a lesbian relationship

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Have you noticed anything around you? Perhaps among your friends and neighbors? What goes in your mind whenever you see a woman being in a relationship with a lesbian?

One question that could pop up in one’s mind would be — why on earth are these women more interested in having a relationship with a lesbian rather than with a man?

You would never believe what these women would say. And, these are women who are currently in a lesbian relationship.

The reasons they fall in love with these lesbians?

  • Lesbians are soft-kissers.
  • Lesbians body odor are way different than men. They smell sweet.
  • Lesbians are more tender.
  • Lesbians are more caring to a woman’s needs. Emotionally? 100%.
  • Lesbians know exactly what a woman wants.
  • Lesbians are more compassionate.
  • Lesbians are more loving.
  • Lesbians have lots of patience.
  • Lesbians are more understanding.
  • Lesbians are more attendant to a woman’s needs.

In other words, these women feel more comfortable being with their lesbian lovers. A feeling most women cannot even understand.

To women out there, please share your thoughts. This is not to say that women should go into a lesbian relationship. This is just to share bits and pieces of lesbian information.







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