L World Season 6

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Do you like watching lesbian movies? “Lesbian movies are great to watch”, according to a straight friend of mine. When I gave her a copy of my DVD, Saving Face, she cannot wait to watch it despite the fact that her mom was around. She just locked her room door, played the DVD and concentrated on the show — alone. Finally, she admitted that she was carried away and it made her sweat. Ha ha! The last thing I knew, she now has a girlfriend. I guess it’s my fault – I converted her!

L World Season 6 will be airing soon on January12, 2009. You can also watch it on ShowTime’s video on demand. It starts on November 19 and ends January 20, 2009.

One thing I like watching the L World is the mix of lesbian characters in the set. They also added in the mix some straight girls which makes the story really great to watch.

If you miss watching some of the previous episodes you can view the full episodes here at sho.com. You can also see some teasers and short video clips of past episodes or you may want to join in the discussion forum.

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