The Best New Year Resolutions for Everyone

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think animeWelcome 2013!

Time flies. We have to bade 2012 goodbye.

With the passing of 2012, we set our mind to look forward to a better 2013. We pray that the New Year will give us good health and wealth.

But, health can be wealth since wealth can be consumed with a very bad health condition. Health, on the other hand, can bring more wealth.

So, how do you welcome 2013?

We would certainly welcome 2013 with some new year resolutions. New Year resolutions that will bring us to be better persons. Here are a list of New Year Resolutions one can apply for the Year 2013:

1. Be Healthy. Don’t wait until you’ll be diagnosed of any diseases. Eat healthy foods and keep your body fit. If you have been eating unhealthy foods for the past years, stop. This is because what you eat is what you get. Eating unhealthy foods can have severe consequences on your health. Keep yourself healthy by eating healthy foods. By keeping your health healthy you are likewise building wealth for yourself.

2. Become Debt Free.  Get rid of your debt by “Slashing Your Monthly Payments and Become Debt Free.”Pay off credit cards with high interest first. And, pay your bills on time. Don’t let the credit cards company build more wealth for themselves. Paying your bills on time will avoid you of being charged for late payment. If you can’t afford to buy something, save for later until you can afford, but don’t let the card company fool you. Don’t bring a credit card when you go to a mall. There are a lot of temptations even when you do window shopping. Quit whatever vices you may have like smoking. You can put the dollar you spend with a stick of cigarette into helping yourself debt free. It is also a healthy and wise move to quit smoking.

3. Live Within Your Means. A fact of life is that it’s hard to live within your means when you have a lot of responsibilities to take care of. But, living within your means is a great way to wealth building. Don’t buy if you can’t afford. Ask yourself before picking up a store item. Can I Really Afford It? It’s like fighting temptation. Buy items only if you really “need” it and not because you “want” it. There is a big difference between a need and a want. If you just want to buy but don’t really need, you are slashing away a part of your wealth.

4. Do Some Charity. Charity can contribute to bringing peace in society. If other people’s need are being meet through charity then peace will have a  place in their hearts and minds.

5. Invest. Investing is a another way of wealth building. Other than living within your means, investing is wealth building. When you invest, you are investing because you want to grow your money. There are various forms or types of investments that one can avail of.

  • Real Estate.  This has been proven and tested to be a good strategy of wealth building. In the United States where interest rates are very low, investing a house is a good bet.
  • Stocks. Stocks are very volatile, but if know where to invest in stocks, there is a good chance that you can build good wealth through stock investing.
  • Certificates of Deposits. CDs are the safest investment one can have. However, CD rates are very low at this time and there is no sign in sight that this could go up. But, if you want a safe investment, certificate of deposits are the way to go.

6. Learn New Things.  How secure are you with your job? It is a fact of life nowadays that even with a job there are still many uncertainties.  There are questions as to how long will you be able to keep your job. The only way to go is by being prepared. And by being prepared is by learning new things. Prepare for the unexpected. Try to learn new things. Get trained. Your new skill can help you get a new job in case of job loss. You can always count on your new skill to get you through a new job.

7. Stay Positive. No matter how life brings you in 2013, always think positive. And, think positive even when surrounded with negative people. It’s a fact, that positive thinkers are proven to be more successful than people with negative minds. By staying positive, you are drawing positive energy to yourself. Positive thinking brings peace, happiness, success, improved relationships, better health and satisfaction in life. By being positive, you help create a positive environment as people around you pick your mental moods. By being positive, you resist any negative vibes which can dampen your success and happiness in life.

Cultivating Optimism: How To Stay Positive in Tough Times” is a good read. Here, you will learn to be optimistic even in really tough times and you’ll get to discover that there is a power within you that can really overcome any tragedy in your life. It will also teach you how to release any emotional baggage that you may have. This book will also teach you how to become productive and knowing your self worth and thus becoming healthy.


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